Monday, November 29, 2010

Antimatter: "Alternative Matter" out now & press feedback

As of now, Antimatter's anniversary compilation "Alternative Matter" is available in two different versions: as a Digipak double CD and as a premium artbook edition (104-page book with Antimatter's biography and many photos incl. three CDs and DVD) limited to 1,000 copies. Both versions can be ordered directly from Prophecy's online shop. The international press is also impressed by Antimatter's extraordinary retrospective:

"Special tip of the month!", 9/10 points ORKUS
"Tip of the month!" ZILLO
"Tip of the month!" SONIC SEDUCER
4.5/5 points METAL OBS
9/10 points ICE-VAJAL.COM
18/20 points MUSIKANSICH.DE
8+/10 points IMPERIUMI.NET
8/10 points ECLIPSED

"A personal, heartfelt, exploratory, and often very accessible body of music from one of the UK's finest proponents of melancholic rock." ROCK-A-ROLLA
"The old tracks have been lovingly re-treaded. You can feel how much ambition and artistic heart's blood went into this!" SONIC SEDUCER
"This is a piece of work; an astonishing collection and reminder of how stellar Antimatter remains within the underground and comparative mainstream. Accept the gift gracefully, and delve into the band's innermost depths." ZERO TOLERANCE
"A retrospective to be proud of." ECLIPSED
"Antimatter are presenting a fantastic overview of their work to date. A fantastic album!" MUSIKANSICH.DE
"A best-of compilation that is equally interesting for all owners of the band's previous four albums as well as for new listeners." EARSHOT.AT"
Mick Moss makes a great choice of the finest morsels from Antimatter's history and rewards the fans with a best-of album with a twist!" METALGLORY.DE
"A thoroughly successful retrospective and a worthwhile addition for Antimatter's long-term fans!" METALNEWS.DE
"The perfect full service for autumn melancholiacs and people who love tranquil and reduced music!" MUSIKREVIEWS.DE
"This shouldn't just appeal to lovers of Antimatter – absolutely recommended!" KULTURTERRORISMUS.DE
"Voilà, the ideal present for your loved ones, given that they have a sophisticated taste in music and a preference for gentle, melancholic sounds!" GAESTELISTE.DE
"Antimatter have made an important contribution to the development of ambient and progressive music in the 21st century, and this collection would be a brilliant starting point for anyone new to the band!" REFLECTIONSOFDARKNESS.COM

Order now: "Alternative Matter" (Digipak 2CD)
Order now: "Alternative Matter" (Premium artbook edition: 3CD+DVD, 104-pages book)

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  1. Work of art, really! The alternative matter special edition blew me away when i saw it. Awesome!