Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Alternative 4 - False Light

Here is a full track from The Brink album. It was already uploaded on Youtube so I decided to put up a better quality version for you. All the best!

Light... spills out with the landslide
Bleating heroes with single-glazed eyes
Cashing in on the straight side

Stalked out on the threshold
Crashed out with the loving lost souls
Smoked out of the priest hole

Faith... laid out with the average waste
Lapped up by the fair weather fakes
Sold on by the ingrates

Pushed out under false lights
Laughed out on the slandering line
Crossed out of a moment in time

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Alternative 4 tour

We got back from the tour late last night after a heavy travelling schedule and minimal amounts of sleep. Thanks to everyone who showed up, bought cds, and those who travelled from other countries just to come and see us. Also thanks to the promoters, club owners & support bands, plus Mighty Digger and Salvadore for guiding us around Italy. Last but not least big up to the other lads for being a pleasure to tour with and for really doing the songs justice. Looking forward to the next one, wherever that may be. We still have some The Brink album cover t-shirts left over from the tour, please email for details. Below is some decent quality footage from the Sofia gig.