Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Into Infinity

This week we are just waiting for a couple more remix tracks to come in and the new Alternative 4 album 'The Obscurants' will be sent off to be mastered. Which means we are well on course for a 2014 release, and can start looking at live shows once we have a release date. Next year will also mark 20 years since I first composed & recorded my own music for an official release (Anathema - Pentecost III). So to commemorate two decades as a songwriter I have decided to forage through my whole discography and pick out suitable songs to re-record as orchestral/soundtrack style pieces. It's something I have been talking about doing for about 10 years already so I'm going to get up and do it while I'm still here. While a good discussion can be healthy and all that, talking about doing something doesn't actually get things done (nor does typing, I know). Also, in addition to songs from the auld archives I have decided to include the 'missing Eternity' parts 5 to 23. This will be my first release under my own name and I'll continue down that road with all things classical and ambient, growing old gracefully and all that. The go-ahead has been given to start working on this project in February, and it is a mammoth task considering the amount of material, so lets hope for a creative and healthy 2014 all round. Some positive and exciting stuff to look forward to (and plenty of hard work). More details and a bit of name-dropping to come soon.

Faith, hope, love, and peace!