Friday, May 18, 2012

The Obscurants

Preproduction for the 2nd Alternative 4 album 'The Obscurants' is underway in northern Mexico. Musically it is not as 'extreme' as it's predecessor, as in the drearyness and monotony, but at the same time it's far from conventional rock music. Big dynamics and some epics themes run throughout the album, and again we are using classic instrumentation with more of a nod to the mighty 1970's than before. The general theme deals the intentional covering up of truth, wisdom, and enlightenment. I'll keep it like that for the time being, otherwise this will turn into an essay. Everything is well planned and prepared well in advance, leaving no room for procrastination or any kind of laziness or rock n roll 'missing in action' episodes. Even the artwork is finished already. I'm quite excited about this one, which is rare for me really.

Tracklisting is as follows:-

Theme For The Obscurantist
Chilling Effects
Returning The Screw
The Tragedy Shield
Mr Black

In other news, we are preparing extra material for the reissue of The Brink, which will be released by our new label Prophecy Productions. This will include live tracks from our European tour in December, remixes and alternate mixes of the album tracks, plus promo videos and live clips. Watch this space for a release date and ordering details.

Best wishes!