Friday, October 30, 2009

Immaculada progress

Things have been busy on the album front this week as it gets near to completion. Guest vocalists Vic Anselmo, Viola of All My Faith Lost, Argentinian singer Laura Santos, and a Romanian Orthodox choir have all been busy in the studio. While Lisa Cuthbert is recording as we speak. Lisa recently added a live version of Anathema's 'Fragile Dreams' to her Myspace page and will again be accompanying Mick Moss and myself on the forthcoming tour in Nov/December. Click here to listen.

Vic Anselmo


Lisa Cuthbert

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Winter tourdates

It feels strange posting about winter while sat here in sunny Lisboa but its not that far away. October already like. Got the remaining dates for this year for the acoustic sessions with Mick Moss, playing songs of Antimatter, Íon, and the older Anathema stuff that I wrote. This will be the last chance, at least for a good while, to see/hear shows in this format so its worth making the effort to attend if you're into the music and that. I will be in South America and Mexico for the first half of 2010 at least, possibly longer, so the Moss/Patterson Experience will not be active. In the meantime there is the Alternative Matter compilation boxset to look forward to in 2010, which will contain old demos, unreleased recordings, remixes, video footage documenting the time we were working together in Antimatter from 1998 till 2004.

26th - Copenhagen, DENMARK (Drop-Inn)
27th - Oslo, NORWAY (Buckleys)
28th - Trondheim, NORWAY (Lundgrens)

1st - Helsinki, FINLAND (Semifinal)
2nd - Tampere, FINLAND (Vastavirta)
3rd - Turku, FINLAND (KLUBI)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Johnny Patterson Musical

I just received some pics from the musical tribute to my great-grandfather Johnny Patterson at the beginning of August, which took place in Killorglin, Kerry. Great weekend down there, everyone involved with the show gave me a warm welcome, which seems to be a reflection of the general friendliness down there anyway. The show itself was amazing, great actors/actresses as were the musicians and musical arrangements, the dancers, costumes, the script was both humourous and tragic. Magic night all round (till the gardai kicked us out of the pub).

I had a photoshoot the next day for the Kerry newspapers, alongside moustached lead actor Muiris Crowley, who played Johnny, and local historian Pa Houlihan who kindly presented me with a really old poster which he had framed for me. I didn't want to leave the place but I had a wedding in Romania to get to. Life is tough.

Good luck to Karen at the Rose Of Tralee

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Clarification: some light on the (Anti) matter

Just felt I needed to clear something up due to a large amount of emails & messages Ive received recently regarding 'Antimatter'. I think theres been some confusion with the recent tours I've made together with Mick Moss, often billed under the name 'Antimatter' by promoters. A lot of people seem to think this is still my current project even though I quit nearly 5 years ago. We are playing together live as a collaboration of songs that I've written for various projects, and Micks own tracks which he now releases using the name 'Antimatter', but none of my recent or future recordings or travelling plans are related to that name, only the gigs that we do together. I'll try to get a translation of this in latin Spanish too so I dont have to keep explaining :)

Antimatter = Mick Moss

Íon = me

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Immaculada - Progress

Just back from a recording session in Dublin with uilleann piper Steve Mullen and Lisa Cuthbert, who both did a great job on the songs. The first track 'The Silent Stars' is now complete, I just need to mix it. In the meantime Mark Kelson had been laying down vocal tracks in his home studio in Melbourne, Australia. And Gina Rios in Monterrey, Mexico. So a productive weekend for the album, with sessions in three continents. An unorthodox way to make a record, but thats fine by me.

Steve Mullen

I'm also pleased to be getting a new custom built mandolin from Freshwater Folk Instruments up in Inverness, Scotland. Which will be ready for the next tour.

In other news Ive had some acoustic dates confirmed with Mick Moss in November/December. More will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Nov 27 - Oslo, Norway (Buckleys)
Nov 28 - Trondheim, Norway (tba)
Dec 1 - Helsinki, Finland (Semifinal)
Dec 2 - Tampere, Finland (Vastavirta)
Dec 3 - Turku, Finland (Klubi)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Johnny Patterson - The Musical

I've just been informed about this musical tribute to my great-grandfather, whos song "Goodbye Johnny Dear" I covered on my last album. Check for all the details.
Looking forward to what should be an interesting opening night down in Kerry. I hope the lead actor has an equally impressive moustache as himself.

The script has been written by Killorglin's very own Declan Mangan and the show features many of John Patterson's best known songs. Mick Jones has been busy writing fresh arrangements of Patterson's old favourites as well as creating original new songs to complete the story

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Cork date confirmed

Myself, Mick Moss (Antimatter), and Lisa Cuthbert acoustic session.
July 5th* - An Cruiscin Lan, Douglas St, Cork.

*rescheduled from the 4th

Monday, June 15, 2009


Work has resumed on the 2nd Íon album, Immaculada, which is scheduled for an autumn release. All of the instrumentation is done now, apart from a couple of of snippets here and there. It's actually sounding like an album now and the artwork that I received last week is really fitting. The overall sound is even more organic than the first album, with a strong presence of the mandolin family in there along with some solid percussion playing, with flute and string sections carrying it all along nicely. Still a few more surprises to go down on tape, then I can start mixing the thing and get it ready for release.

The Silent Stars
Damhsa na gceithre ghaoth
Cetetea Cisnadioara
Return To Spirit

It will be released in Europe by Equilibrium Music



I'll have some Íon t-shirts printed by the end of next week, with the artwork from the Madre, Protegenos album. I'll post pics when I can convince someone to model them for me, plus the ordering info and that.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

'Enemies' compilation

Today I received copies of the 'Enemies' compilation album that myself and Darren White (original Anathema frontman) contributed a track to. The concept of the album was to get songs/poems that were written or popular during the 2nd World War, performed by artists from countries on different sides of the frontline in their own mother tongues. Our track was based on poetry from Wilfred Owen which was written during World War 1, themed by a very minimal & sombre rendition of Its A Long Way To Tipperary. It makes a suitable intro to the whole thing.
It's worth getting hold of if you can find it (I dont have any ordering info yet), and the packaging is killer.

To enter the competition to win a copy, click HERE

1. DUNCAN PATTERSON & DARREN WHITE «Its A Long Way To Tipperary/Spring Offensive» (Ireland/U.K).

TRAUM'ER LEBEN “Lili Marleen” (Germany)

LONSAI MAIKOV "Les Soldats Du Marais (Peat Bog Soldiers)" (France)

MOON FAR AWAY “Темная Ночь (The Dark Night)” (USSR)

VON THRONSTAHL “Victotia II” (Germany)

CHANGES “Anthems To Freedom (new version)” (USA)

ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI “La Canzone Del Volontario” (Italy)

ТIТЛО “В Землянке (In The Dug-out)” (USSR)

GOTHIKA “Army march drawn sword police” (Japan)

DISSONANT ELEPHANT “Журавли (The Cranes)” (France/USSR)

Released in May by Indiestate Distribution/MFA, and compiled by Count Ash.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wave Gotik report/ Irish dates in July

I arrived back from the WGT festival, Leipzig, sometime on Monday. We were lucky to get there at all,as we got stranded in Zurich for a good few hours while we were rescheduled on another flight to Berlin and still had to drive to Leipzig, so it is a blessing that we got there in time to play. As it happens, the gig went really well and Lisa Cuthbert accompanied us for virtually the whole gig this time, as well as taking lead vocals on Beyond The Morning, which was a welcome addition to the setlist. Looking forward to the new íon album and autumn gigs with herself. I've yet to find many pics of the gig but I'll add them here if any more come in. Heres the setlist anyway. Thanks to the people working at the festival for making sure we eventually got there, and for looking after us during our brief stay. Danke!

Eleanor Rigby
Over Your Shoulder
The Last Laugh
My White
Beyond the Morning
Going Nowhere / Destiny
Leaving Eden
The Weight Of The World
Lost Control

Pics by Bloodlite

Irish dates in July

I'll be playing some gigs in Ireland during the first weekend of July. It'll be the same format as WGT, together with Mick Moss and Lisa Cuthbert.

July 3rd - Doyles, Dublin
July 5th - An Cruiscin Lan, Douglas St, Cork

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wave Gothik Treffen

Just confirmed this weekend:- I'll be playing an unplugged session at the Wave Gothik Treffen festival, Leipzig, Germany, with Mick Moss (Antimatter) and Lisa Cuthbert. Sunday 31st May.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I can't believe summers almost here..

I'm a bit late with the tour report, but I'm writing here from Poland right now, waiting to be tattooed by the great Dagmara@Tat Studio Gdansk (click to check out the galleries). I was supposed to be in Mexico but had to cancel, due to the swine flu alert. Best wishes to all my amigos/amigas over there, hope it passes swiftly.
Anyway, the tour went really well. Once again we were joined by Lisa Cuthbert who opened for us on most nights of the tour, as well as joining us on stage for select tracks. Contact her for a copy of her new EP through Myspace. Mr Vincent Cavanagh somehow ended up onstage with me in Paris for some improvised versions of Beatles tracks. Totally unexpected and unrehearsed, but the natives didn't seem to mind. The Paris gig was also the launch date of Micks new Antimatter - Live@An Club cd, which you can purchase here. It was nice to catch up with Anneke Van Giersbergen again in Venlo on Easter Sunday. I think thats the first time we had played together since 1996 (?) The Cologne gig was one of the highlights of the tour, the audience were very receptive and seemed to enjoy The Boy Moss's onstage banter immensely. We were supported by Latvias Vic Anselmo, touring Germany with her own band, who joined us onstage for a killer vocal rendition of Learpholl. It was nice to see some old faces again along the way, hope we don't have to wait to long to meet again. Here are some pics and videos from the other dates, I'll update the links when more come in.

APR 10, Paris, FRANCE (Le Klub)

Pics by Liora Dadon

APR 13, Cologne, GERMANY (MTC)

APR 14, Frankfurt, GERMANY (Die Halle)

video of Flowers (featuring Lisa Cuthbert)

APR 16, Krakow, POLAND (Lizard King)

Pics by G. Chorus
video of 'Mr White' (Trouble cover version)

APR 17, Vienna, AUSTRIA (Escape)

Pics by Caroline Traitler @

APR 18, Aarau, SWITZERLAND (Kiff Aarau)

Pics @

Pics from Tat Studio Gdansk

Sunday, March 15, 2009

April tourdates

Upcoming Concerts - APRIL 2009 :

Duncan Patterson & Mick Moss

"A acoustic night of Antimatter, Anathema and Íon music"

APR 10, Paris, FRANCE (Le Klub)
APR 11, Antwerp, BELGIUM (De Rots)
APR 13, Cologne, GERMANY (MTC) - tickets
APR 14, Frankfurt, GERMANY (Die Halle)
APR 16, Krakow, POLAND (Lizard King)
APR 17, Vienna, AUSTRIA (Escape)
APR 18, Aarau, SWITZERLAND (Kiff Aarau) - tickets

Monday, February 23, 2009

Some pics and that from February tour

I'll update it when new links come in.

Review & pics
Pics by Elisa Piotrowska
Pics by Elisa Piotrowska - Lisa Cuthbert solo set

FEB 11, WROCLAW, POLAND (Od Zmierzchu Do Switu)
Pics by G. Chorus

Pics by Ceylan Sayin

Pics by Emmy Belovarski

Hound Dog video

Sunday, February 8, 2009

February tour

Upcoming Concerts - FEBRUARY 2009 :

Duncan Patterson & Mick Moss

"A acoustic night of Antimatter, Anathema and Íon music"

FEB 11, WROCLAW, POLAND (Od Zmierzchu Do Switu)
FEB 14, ANTALYA, TURKEY (Orpheus Pub)
FEB 15, ANKARA, TURKEY (If Performance Hall)
FEB 19, SZEGED, HUNGARY (Garabonczias)


Belated Happy New Year and that. I was advised to create a blog, as keeping my site updated whilst travelling around the world became impossible, so I did just that. Last year was, well, fairly mental like so I wrote some kind of year review :-

2008 started slowly as I was recovering from a broken shoulder, from an accident I had in Istanbul. In early January, a good friend of mine convinced me to spend a weekend in Portugal, where I ended up playing 2 gigs with Anathema's Danny Cavanagh, albeit with my arm all strapped up. It had been 14 years since I was last there and I felt an immediate warmth for the place, the people, the food, the bar prices. Was nice to meet the guys from Equilibrium Records too, who release the íon stuff. Further rehabilitation on my injury took me into March where I travelled to Belgrade for a weekend. Again getting on stage with Danny, this time without the sling, using cheap champagne as an anaesthetic. Then onto Greece for a St Patricks Day party in Thessaloniki, where I was DJing. During this time I decided that I would do the Caminho Portugues in May, a pilgrimage from Porto to Santiago De Compostela. I set up a sponsorship for the childrens hospital in Liverpool for which I raised over £1000. April saw the release of The Aftermaths debut album 'Friendlier Up Here' which I played on a few tracks, including a couple of top 20 singles. The album has seen cracking reviews so far and they band are making waves now in Ireland. Good luck to the lads. Onto May and the pilgrimage, which was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Not only for raising money for the kids, but on a personal and spiritual level too. Back to Thessaloniki again for another Irish party. June gigs in France with Vincent Cavanagh and a talented cellist Greg. During these gigs I met Colin Fromont, who was playing percussion for the support band - Averse, and got him on board to play on my new album. July saw another return to Portugal to work on my next album "Immaculada" which I laid down tracks in a small village outside Lisbon. The recording session went really smoothly, and I had the pleasure of working with some talented local Portuguese musicians who will appear on the album. September saw a reunion with Antimatter's Mick Moss for gigs in Lisbon, Coimbra, and Braga, before heading to Galicia for 2 gigs, finishing up in Santiago De Compostela once again. It was good playing together again after a good few years busy doing different things. Seems that the "Antimatter curse" has been lifted too, which brought us some ridiculous bad luck in the past. November saw a two week tour starting from eastern Europe, again with Mick, through Italy up to Finland and Latvia, finishing up in the Netherlands. Plenty of red wine, early flights, and chicken wings. I spent most of December in Monterrey, Mexico. One of my favourite places on earth. Back there after 4 years. Then back to Portugal for the fourth time in 12 months to see the year out.

Concerts from last year - 2008:

JAN 11, Lisbon, Portugal (IPJ)
JAN 12, Coimbra, Portugal (Via Latina)
MAR 9, Belgrade, Serbia (SKC Livingroom)

JUNE 15, Paris, France (La Pomme D'Eve)
JUNE 16, Lille, France (Le Visiteur)

SEPT 19, Coimbra, Portugal (Via Latina)
SEPT 20, Lisbon, Portugal (Transmission)
SEPT 21, Braga, Portugal (Auditório do Museu)
SEPT 23, Cambados, Spain (Esmorga)
SEPT 24, Santiago De Compostela (TNT)

NOV 4, Budapest, Hungary (After Music Club)
NOV 5, Bucharest, Romania (Becker Brau Live Music Club)
NOV 6, Trieste, Italy (Tetris Club)
NOV 7, Milan, Italy (Blues House)
NOV 8, Bergamo, Italy (Caffe Letterario)
NOV 9, Warsaw, Poland (No Mercy Club)
NOV 11, Jyvaskyla, Finland (Lutakko Bar)
NOV 12, Helsinki, Finland (Semifinal)
NOV 13, Turku, Finland (Dynamo)
NOV 14, Riga, Latvia (Club Depo)
NOV 15, Lille, France (Le Visiteur)
NOV 16, Tilburg, Netherlads (Little Devil)

Here are some pics from the Portuguese/Galician tour:

Portugal/Galicia pics 1

Portugal/Galicia pics 2