Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Best wishes to everyone for 2011!

God is Coming remix (taken from Antimatter - Alternative Matter)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Review

2009 went out with a bang at Casa de Rossi, an assortment of dancefloor emperors and a Frenchman who stole my Stetson to use to his advantage. Next thing I know I'm on a plane to Sao Paulo with the worst turbulance I've ever experienced. It was great to be back in Brazil after 16 years. Spending time with good friends, swimming, eating healthily, and generally relaxing. The calm before the storm that was Argentina, which wasn't so calm. I did two acoustic shows in Buenos Aires which went down well. I was lucky to meet up with some musicians who learned and practiced my songs well, and we enjoyed playing together. Two of the Argentinian band are currently working with me on next years album releases 'Herencia' and 'The Brink'. I travelled across the country by bus, bound for Chile as I had another gig booked in Santiago. Though tragedy struck with the collosal earthquake and I had to turn back, so I flew back to Buenos Aires. Luckily we managed to book another date in Santiago so the show went ahead. Again it was a pleasure to play with musicians who actually bother to learn and practice the songs, it's been a rare thing for me in Europe so it's exciting when it does happen. I ended up playing three sets in Santiago. First an acoustic set, then a few songs with a brilliant Pink Floyd tribute band Brain Damage, then a full band set with Anathema tribute Eternity. I decided to stay in Chile after that, following an amazing gesture from Dutch legends The Gathering. They had planned a benefit show in aid of the earthquake victims, with all the proceeds going to the charity. Rene Rutten even raffled one of his guitars to raise more money. I was invited to get involved so I booked a later flight out of Chile. Unfortunately I was struck down with a virus a few days earlier and it only got worse. I managed to catch most of the gig though and it was a great experience to be part of such a special night. Just a pity I wasn't fit enough to get involved more. Big respect to The Gathering! Next up was Mexico where I just relaxed and went horseriding and did Mexican stuff for a couple of months. During which time the Immaculada album was released. Returning to Europe was a bit of a comedown really. It was great to catch up with friends but a different universe compared to the Latin American adventures. I did some more gigs in France then played around the Irish bars in Portugal a couple of months later. Then it was time to get back to work again and start preparations for my upcoming albums. Firstly a collection of traditional and medieval songs with Argentinian flautist Augusto Reinhold, which is being handled by UK independent label Music In Stone. Then late 2011 will see the debut of my new Alternative 4 project 'The Brink' for which currently in discussions about the release. I also did some session work for Corde Oblique and Greek spaceheads Phase. Then I decided to return to Latin America to continue with the pre-production for my projects. The North American release of Immaculada is approaching in mid-January, I'll post more details soon. At the time of writing I'm recovering from a serious illness that could have gotten much worse if I wasn't looked after by people here in Guadalupe, Mexico. Infinite thanks and gratitude for that. For anyone interested, The Yuen Method has been a great help to me in recent weeks. I'd advise everyone to check it out as I've never experienced anything like it. Onwards and upwards!

Best wishes to everyone for 2011, even the 'wellwishers' and those sporting the evil eye! Light over darkness everytime la.


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brasilia, Brazil

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Rosario, Argentina

en route to Mendoza, Argentina

Santiago, Chile


Paris, France

Guarda, Portugal

Liverpool, England


Monday, November 29, 2010

Antimatter: "Alternative Matter" out now & press feedback

As of now, Antimatter's anniversary compilation "Alternative Matter" is available in two different versions: as a Digipak double CD and as a premium artbook edition (104-page book with Antimatter's biography and many photos incl. three CDs and DVD) limited to 1,000 copies. Both versions can be ordered directly from Prophecy's online shop. The international press is also impressed by Antimatter's extraordinary retrospective:

"Special tip of the month!", 9/10 points ORKUS
"Tip of the month!" ZILLO
"Tip of the month!" SONIC SEDUCER
4.5/5 points METAL OBS
9/10 points ICE-VAJAL.COM
18/20 points MUSIKANSICH.DE
8+/10 points IMPERIUMI.NET
8/10 points ECLIPSED

"A personal, heartfelt, exploratory, and often very accessible body of music from one of the UK's finest proponents of melancholic rock." ROCK-A-ROLLA
"The old tracks have been lovingly re-treaded. You can feel how much ambition and artistic heart's blood went into this!" SONIC SEDUCER
"This is a piece of work; an astonishing collection and reminder of how stellar Antimatter remains within the underground and comparative mainstream. Accept the gift gracefully, and delve into the band's innermost depths." ZERO TOLERANCE
"A retrospective to be proud of." ECLIPSED
"Antimatter are presenting a fantastic overview of their work to date. A fantastic album!" MUSIKANSICH.DE
"A best-of compilation that is equally interesting for all owners of the band's previous four albums as well as for new listeners." EARSHOT.AT"
Mick Moss makes a great choice of the finest morsels from Antimatter's history and rewards the fans with a best-of album with a twist!" METALGLORY.DE
"A thoroughly successful retrospective and a worthwhile addition for Antimatter's long-term fans!" METALNEWS.DE
"The perfect full service for autumn melancholiacs and people who love tranquil and reduced music!" MUSIKREVIEWS.DE
"This shouldn't just appeal to lovers of Antimatter – absolutely recommended!" KULTURTERRORISMUS.DE
"Voilà, the ideal present for your loved ones, given that they have a sophisticated taste in music and a preference for gentle, melancholic sounds!" GAESTELISTE.DE
"Antimatter have made an important contribution to the development of ambient and progressive music in the 21st century, and this collection would be a brilliant starting point for anyone new to the band!" REFLECTIONSOFDARKNESS.COM

Order now: "Alternative Matter" (Digipak 2CD)
Order now: "Alternative Matter" (Premium artbook edition: 3CD+DVD, 104-pages book)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Adios Europe

A combination of unnaturally itchy feet, typical Liverpool winter weather, and general lack of action in Europe have prompted me to cross the Atlantic again and trapse around the American continent for a while. This will coincide nicely with the US release of Immaculada, which I'll have more news on next week. This week Ive been working on some synth parts for Greek space cadets Phase, as well as recording mandolin parts for the new Corde Oblique cd. Now that is all boxed off I can continue to work on the pre-production for the new Alternative 4 project album "The Brink", which seems to be coming together all by itself. A few nice coincidences have thrown some extremely talented people my way for this one and we're going to take it steady till it matches my expectations. In other news, I just received my copy of the Alternative Matter artbook and it looks stunning. Something I'll be proud of in years to come when I'm trying to impress young musicians. "I used to have a band of me own.." Well worth ordering before they sell out (the artbooks that is, not Mick Moss's band), even if I do say so myself.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pre-Order 'Alternative Matter'

Antimatter's compilation album "Alternative Matter" will be released on November 29th, 2010, and can be pre-ordered in two versions from Prophecy's online shop

The artbook version is limited to 1,000 copies so its worth ordering soon to make sure you get a copy. Although my name isn't mentioned on any of the press releases that I've seen, this compilation does feature a number of my compositions and work while I was a member of Antimatter. Including fresh new remixes that I have made of tracks from the first two albums.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alternative Matter release dates

Release date Germany/Austria: November 26, 2010

Release date Europe: November 29, 2010


Ten years after the recordings of their debut album "Saviour", ANTIMATTER release "Alternative Matter", a retrospective of another kind. This is not a standard best of album, but a compilation of exclusively unreleased recordings and alternative versions from the archives of the band, compiled by ANTIMATTER mastermind Mick Moss with care and passion. "Alternative Matter" features demo and acoustic versions of well-known ANTIMATTER songs, live recordings, remixes, and also new recordings which have been conceived especially for this compilation. And in their entirety all these songs tell a yet unknown ANTIMATTER story.

After months of intense work on his anniversary compilation, Mick Moss himself is very pleased with its outcome: "The amazing thing about this compilation is that these pieces were set to tape in many different places during a period of over ten years, yet collected together they form a coherent and united new listening experience, a fascinating alternate history that sounds unlike any prior Antimatter album. I would love to be able to hear this collection in its entirety with fresh ears for the first time, but that’s now for the listener to do."

"Alternative Matter" will be released in two versions: as a digipack double CD with 22 unreleased recordings and a total playing time of more than 100 minutes and as a premium artbook with more than 100(!) pages, three audio CDs and one DVD. The artbook features a comprehensive introduction and in-depth liner notes by Mick Moss as well as a vast amount of photographs illustrating ANTIMATTER's career from 2000 up to now. The DVD features a documentary about ANTIMATTER's history and two video clips. Without a doubt, this retrospetive will draw an impressive line under ANTIMATTER's first decade of existence!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

October News

After a well deserved lengthy break in sunny Latin America and Portugal it's time to get back into action. The long awaited Antimatter 'Alternative Matter' boxset will be unleashed during the coming weeks, as will the promotional activities that'll go with it.
January 2011 will see the North American release of the latest Íon album 'Immaculada'. Following that will be some live dates in Latin America. Meanwhile this week I have began work on a new album together with Argentinian flautist Augusto Reinhold. This will contain a mix of traditional and medieval songs plus reworkings of some of my own instrumental tracks. We're looking for a release around Easter time 2011. Updates as they come.
And last, but not least, I've recently finished the composition of an album that I've kept quiet about till now, which tips a hat to some of my older influences and instrumentation. This is a one-off album which the project is titled Alternative 4 (after a song that I wrote 13 years ago) and the album is called The Brink. More news on that when a deal is finalised and I have the studio dates.

Augusto Reinhold & Duncan Patterson live radio session.
Buenos Aires, Argentina 2010

Immaculada digipacks, and Madre, Protegenos t-shirts are still available for a short time.
Email for details.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Antimatter - Alternative Matter

2010 will see the release of 'Alternative Matter', a 10th anniversary collection of rare and unreleased acoustic versions, demos, live versions, remixes and new recordings of Antimatter (my former band) material.

The tracklisting is as follows

Black Sun (Dead Can Dance Tribute)
The Art Of A Soft Landing (Acoustic, Enhanced)
Far Away (Live)
Saviour (Reel To Reel Demo)
Landlocked (Mick Moss Remix)
In Stone (Acoustic, Enhanced)
Epitaph (New Version)
Terminal (Duncan Patterson Remix)
Mr White (Live)
Flowers (New Version)
Expire (Lackluster Remix)


God Is Coming (Duncan Patterson Remix)
Everything You Know Is Wrong (Acoustic, Enhanced)
A Portrait Of The Young Man (Enhanced)
Flowers (Acoustic)
Holocaust (Reel To Reel Demo)
The Art Of A Soft Landing (4 Track Demo)
Expire (Atrabilis Sunrise Remix)
Over Your Shoulder (Acoustic)
Dream (4 Track Demo)
Lost Control (Acoustic, Enhanced)
Epitaph (Orchestral Mix)

The 22 track double album will be released in two versions - a deluxe digipack and a strictly limited edition 4-disc premium artbook containing a bonus DVD and 7 track E.P.




Fighting For A Lost Cause (Demo)
Enjoy The Silence (Live)
Angelic (Mick Moss Remix)
Over Your Shoulder (Reel To Reel Demo)
Holocaust (FreeDoom Remix)
The Summer Effect (Instrumental Demo)
Angelic (Reel To Reel Demo)


Antimatter ' The Small Yesterdays' Documentary
Epitaph Promo
Conspire Promo

More details to follow.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Immaculada digipak now available from

You can now order the Immaculada album directly from here. £12 including P&P anywhere, or the euro/dollar equivalant. Use the Paypal button below, or mail for any queries.

Also check out the video clip for 'Adoration' which is taken from the album. Directed by Tim Fromont-Placenti, and featuring the lovely Vic Anselmo, Earl Meneses, and me good auld self.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pre-order Immaculada

The new Íon album “Immaculada” is now available to order from Equilibrium Music. Just click on the link below.
Click here to order!

More album info and some MP3 links here.

Friday, March 26, 2010

IMMACULADA - album release date and news

Immaculada, Digipak CD - May 10th, 2010

Four years past since "Madre, Protégenos", Duncan Patterson returns, leading the entity known as Íon. On “Immaculada”, the lone travelling musician has again collected instrumental and vocal souvenirs from his numerous destinations to illustrate the memoirs of his quest.
“Immaculada” was written in a period I was travelling back and forth between Ireland and Greece. The album documents personal experiences of that time, set to introspective and reflective ballads.
Hypnotic and alluring, the album balances both the freshness of Irish landscapes and the warmth of Mediterranean sunbathed seashores, as its haunting Celtic vibe thrives and builds upon tribal rhythmic patterns. Much like its predecessor, the straightforward and minimalistic overall tone of the album is misleading, as its layered complexity and resonant harmonies reveal themselves at each listen, one mystery at a time, and one step closer to the end of this spiritual quest.
Íon has gathered around it an enormous amount of talent, both in the many musicians that have taken part in “Immaculada” and in the group of singers that bring words to life, this time lead by the Irish Lisa Cuthbert. Her heartfelt performances are occasionally accompanied by her sister Aoife Cuthbert, with Mark Kelson (of The Eternal) and gothic/alternative muse Vic Anselmo, providing additional outstanding contributions to the album, among other voices from Argentina, Mexico, Romania or Brazil.
Mostly recorded in the Portuguese countryside and in Dublin city, the intricate instrumental backbone is mainly constructed out of traditional instruments. With the mandolin family taking center stage, the tracks have been arranged to incorporate ethnic instrumentation (flutes, uillean pipes) which contrast with the sparse orchestration supplied by cello, violin, acoustic guitars, keyboard pads and piano, supported by the earthbound pulse of the percussion.

“Immaculada” is a collection of slow motion mysterious ballads, balancing light and shade, salvation and loss, beautifully crafted by gifted artists scattered over the world. Available next May 2010 in deluxe Digipak CD on Equilibrium Music.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Duncan Patterson en Santiago: nueva fecha

Duncan Patterson en Santiago: nueva fecha

Duncan Patterson, ex miembro de Anathema y actual integrante de agrupaciones como Antimatter, e Íon, ha reagendado su presentación en nuestro país para el 3 de abril, a las 19 horas, en la Batuta. Esto luego de que el show primeramente programado para marzo tuviera que posponerse debido a la situación que se generó a raíz del terremoto que afectara la zona centro sur de Chile.

El músico mostrará las diversas facetas musicales de su carrera, desde sus inicios con Anathema, donde participó en grandes álbumes como Alternative IV; su paso por Antimatter, banda de atmósferas melancólicas, hasta llegar a su nuevo proyecto personal Íon, una propuesta más folk y experimental, sin dejar de lado la oscuridad y belleza que siempre ha caracterizado su música.

La banda encargada de abrir el show será la nacional Budasses, agrupación de sonidos Doom Stoner.

Las entradas se encuentran a la venta a través del sistema Feriaticket, a $7.000 preventa más cargo por servicio y $10.000 el día del evento.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year

2009 was a busy productive year on many fronts with recording and mixing the second Íon album 'Immaculada', touring as much of Europe as possible with Mick Moss and Lisa Cuthbert, remixing tracks and compiling the forthcoming Antimatter box set 'Alternative Matter'. Immaculada is now finished and ready for action. Mastered in Lille, France by Jerome Trachet , artwork by Carmen Gonzalez, and will be released by Equilibrium Music. There will be a video for the track 'Adoration', featuring Vic Anselmo and directed by Tim 'Tecate Light' Fromont, to accompany the album release. I will post the release date as soon as I have news. Someone kindly deleted my music page from Facebook so heres the new link. The Alternative Matter material is near to completion. Old demos, live tracks, re-recordings, various remixes, unreleased tracks, and video footage documenting the period that I was part of the project up till 2005. It will also mark 10 years since the release of the first album 'Saviour', and will be released by Prophecy Productions later in the year. I also have a classical release in the pipeline but more about that as it happens, so 2010 is looking to be another productive year as far as musical output goes. There´ll be no European tourdates in the near future as I am taking 5 months out in South America to recharge and look for treasure and inspiration. However, I will be playing in Buenos Aires later this month along with some local musicians :-

Best wishes and good luck for 2010!