Friday, October 30, 2009

Immaculada progress

Things have been busy on the album front this week as it gets near to completion. Guest vocalists Vic Anselmo, Viola of All My Faith Lost, Argentinian singer Laura Santos, and a Romanian Orthodox choir have all been busy in the studio. While Lisa Cuthbert is recording as we speak. Lisa recently added a live version of Anathema's 'Fragile Dreams' to her Myspace page and will again be accompanying Mick Moss and myself on the forthcoming tour in Nov/December. Click here to listen.

Vic Anselmo


Lisa Cuthbert

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Winter tourdates

It feels strange posting about winter while sat here in sunny Lisboa but its not that far away. October already like. Got the remaining dates for this year for the acoustic sessions with Mick Moss, playing songs of Antimatter, Íon, and the older Anathema stuff that I wrote. This will be the last chance, at least for a good while, to see/hear shows in this format so its worth making the effort to attend if you're into the music and that. I will be in South America and Mexico for the first half of 2010 at least, possibly longer, so the Moss/Patterson Experience will not be active. In the meantime there is the Alternative Matter compilation boxset to look forward to in 2010, which will contain old demos, unreleased recordings, remixes, video footage documenting the time we were working together in Antimatter from 1998 till 2004.

26th - Copenhagen, DENMARK (Drop-Inn)
27th - Oslo, NORWAY (Buckleys)
28th - Trondheim, NORWAY (Lundgrens)

1st - Helsinki, FINLAND (Semifinal)
2nd - Tampere, FINLAND (Vastavirta)
3rd - Turku, FINLAND (KLUBI)