Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pre-Order 'Alternative Matter'

Antimatter's compilation album "Alternative Matter" will be released on November 29th, 2010, and can be pre-ordered in two versions from Prophecy's online shop

The artbook version is limited to 1,000 copies so its worth ordering soon to make sure you get a copy. Although my name isn't mentioned on any of the press releases that I've seen, this compilation does feature a number of my compositions and work while I was a member of Antimatter. Including fresh new remixes that I have made of tracks from the first two albums.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alternative Matter release dates

Release date Germany/Austria: November 26, 2010

Release date Europe: November 29, 2010


Ten years after the recordings of their debut album "Saviour", ANTIMATTER release "Alternative Matter", a retrospective of another kind. This is not a standard best of album, but a compilation of exclusively unreleased recordings and alternative versions from the archives of the band, compiled by ANTIMATTER mastermind Mick Moss with care and passion. "Alternative Matter" features demo and acoustic versions of well-known ANTIMATTER songs, live recordings, remixes, and also new recordings which have been conceived especially for this compilation. And in their entirety all these songs tell a yet unknown ANTIMATTER story.

After months of intense work on his anniversary compilation, Mick Moss himself is very pleased with its outcome: "The amazing thing about this compilation is that these pieces were set to tape in many different places during a period of over ten years, yet collected together they form a coherent and united new listening experience, a fascinating alternate history that sounds unlike any prior Antimatter album. I would love to be able to hear this collection in its entirety with fresh ears for the first time, but that’s now for the listener to do."

"Alternative Matter" will be released in two versions: as a digipack double CD with 22 unreleased recordings and a total playing time of more than 100 minutes and as a premium artbook with more than 100(!) pages, three audio CDs and one DVD. The artbook features a comprehensive introduction and in-depth liner notes by Mick Moss as well as a vast amount of photographs illustrating ANTIMATTER's career from 2000 up to now. The DVD features a documentary about ANTIMATTER's history and two video clips. Without a doubt, this retrospetive will draw an impressive line under ANTIMATTER's first decade of existence!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

October News

After a well deserved lengthy break in sunny Latin America and Portugal it's time to get back into action. The long awaited Antimatter 'Alternative Matter' boxset will be unleashed during the coming weeks, as will the promotional activities that'll go with it.
January 2011 will see the North American release of the latest Íon album 'Immaculada'. Following that will be some live dates in Latin America. Meanwhile this week I have began work on a new album together with Argentinian flautist Augusto Reinhold. This will contain a mix of traditional and medieval songs plus reworkings of some of my own instrumental tracks. We're looking for a release around Easter time 2011. Updates as they come.
And last, but not least, I've recently finished the composition of an album that I've kept quiet about till now, which tips a hat to some of my older influences and instrumentation. This is a one-off album which the project is titled Alternative 4 (after a song that I wrote 13 years ago) and the album is called The Brink. More news on that when a deal is finalised and I have the studio dates.

Augusto Reinhold & Duncan Patterson live radio session.
Buenos Aires, Argentina 2010

Immaculada digipacks, and Madre, Protegenos t-shirts are still available for a short time.
Email for details.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Antimatter - Alternative Matter

2010 will see the release of 'Alternative Matter', a 10th anniversary collection of rare and unreleased acoustic versions, demos, live versions, remixes and new recordings of Antimatter (my former band) material.

The tracklisting is as follows

Black Sun (Dead Can Dance Tribute)
The Art Of A Soft Landing (Acoustic, Enhanced)
Far Away (Live)
Saviour (Reel To Reel Demo)
Landlocked (Mick Moss Remix)
In Stone (Acoustic, Enhanced)
Epitaph (New Version)
Terminal (Duncan Patterson Remix)
Mr White (Live)
Flowers (New Version)
Expire (Lackluster Remix)


God Is Coming (Duncan Patterson Remix)
Everything You Know Is Wrong (Acoustic, Enhanced)
A Portrait Of The Young Man (Enhanced)
Flowers (Acoustic)
Holocaust (Reel To Reel Demo)
The Art Of A Soft Landing (4 Track Demo)
Expire (Atrabilis Sunrise Remix)
Over Your Shoulder (Acoustic)
Dream (4 Track Demo)
Lost Control (Acoustic, Enhanced)
Epitaph (Orchestral Mix)

The 22 track double album will be released in two versions - a deluxe digipack and a strictly limited edition 4-disc premium artbook containing a bonus DVD and 7 track E.P.




Fighting For A Lost Cause (Demo)
Enjoy The Silence (Live)
Angelic (Mick Moss Remix)
Over Your Shoulder (Reel To Reel Demo)
Holocaust (FreeDoom Remix)
The Summer Effect (Instrumental Demo)
Angelic (Reel To Reel Demo)


Antimatter ' The Small Yesterdays' Documentary
Epitaph Promo
Conspire Promo

More details to follow.