Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Its been a while since I updated this blog. 2013 has been a difficult and quite a tragic year, personally, so it really took a while to find the energy to work on music again. The good news is that the new Alternative 4 album 'The Obscurants' is all finished and mixed.

THE OBSCURANTS tracklisting:-

Theme For The Obscurantist
Chilling Effects
Returning The Screw
The Tragedy Shield
Mr Black

A slight continuation from The Brink, our second album deals with the withholding of information, cover-ups, and generally people 'obscuring' the truth for mercenary gain. As always, the lyrics have been rather prophetic, which never ceases to amaze me. Its quite unnerving really, and I know other writers who feel the same way when it happens to them (or at least when they pick up on it). Cosmic. All this will be documented in the liner notes which will accompany the album. Musically, it is not dissimilar to The Brink. A steady base to the songs that can often drift off on genre-eluding tangents, with the bass lines and pianos playing an important role once again. New vocalist Simon Flatley has done himself proud on the record too. A deep interest in the subject matter really comes across in his delivery.
While we are on that note, we are still looking for a 2nd vocalist/guitarist for future recordings and gigs. After some genuine submissions, and plenty of timewasters, we are yet to find someone who ticks all the right boxes. Anyone interested please email and we can go through everything.

Looking forward to finally releasing this record. I believe we have created something really special here. And with it being our first fresh release with Prophecy Productions, it will be nice to work with a label who will actually do the album justice and give it its place.
Best wishes!

Duncan Patterson