Thursday, May 7, 2009

I can't believe summers almost here..

I'm a bit late with the tour report, but I'm writing here from Poland right now, waiting to be tattooed by the great Dagmara@Tat Studio Gdansk (click to check out the galleries). I was supposed to be in Mexico but had to cancel, due to the swine flu alert. Best wishes to all my amigos/amigas over there, hope it passes swiftly.
Anyway, the tour went really well. Once again we were joined by Lisa Cuthbert who opened for us on most nights of the tour, as well as joining us on stage for select tracks. Contact her for a copy of her new EP through Myspace. Mr Vincent Cavanagh somehow ended up onstage with me in Paris for some improvised versions of Beatles tracks. Totally unexpected and unrehearsed, but the natives didn't seem to mind. The Paris gig was also the launch date of Micks new Antimatter - Live@An Club cd, which you can purchase here. It was nice to catch up with Anneke Van Giersbergen again in Venlo on Easter Sunday. I think thats the first time we had played together since 1996 (?) The Cologne gig was one of the highlights of the tour, the audience were very receptive and seemed to enjoy The Boy Moss's onstage banter immensely. We were supported by Latvias Vic Anselmo, touring Germany with her own band, who joined us onstage for a killer vocal rendition of Learpholl. It was nice to see some old faces again along the way, hope we don't have to wait to long to meet again. Here are some pics and videos from the other dates, I'll update the links when more come in.

APR 10, Paris, FRANCE (Le Klub)

Pics by Liora Dadon

APR 13, Cologne, GERMANY (MTC)

APR 14, Frankfurt, GERMANY (Die Halle)

video of Flowers (featuring Lisa Cuthbert)

APR 16, Krakow, POLAND (Lizard King)

Pics by G. Chorus
video of 'Mr White' (Trouble cover version)

APR 17, Vienna, AUSTRIA (Escape)

Pics by Caroline Traitler @

APR 18, Aarau, SWITZERLAND (Kiff Aarau)

Pics @

Pics from Tat Studio Gdansk

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