Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In-depth interview

Heres an in-depth interview that I did a while back with Pro-Rock Bulgaria, which explains a lot of subjects that I'm constantly quizzed about.

Congratulations on your new album with Alternative 4. Of course, the first question is - why did you pick that name?

DP: Basically I had to find a name for this new band, and Alternative 4 just stood out. At first I was thinking 'oh god I know what this is going to attract' but I also realised that, as well as being a great band name, I could use this opportunity to clear up over a decade of rumours and being asked the same thing time and time again. The more I think of it the more I appreciate the title, its mysterious without being clichéd plus it suits the music, and you have to remember that not everyone on the planet is obsessed with Anathema.

Follow the rest of the interview here:-

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