Friday, July 8, 2011

Alternative 4/MonumentuM split 7″ ep release

"Duncan Patterson’s new project band will unleash the song ‘False Light’ in late September, as a warm-up to their full length album ‘The Brink’, to be released one month after the EP.
Quoting Duncan’s description, “False Light is probably the heaviest thing I have written in the last decade, at least in its portant riff. It is actually about (music) media control paralleled with religious control, the sheeple and the victims of circumstance.”

It will be presented in a slightly different and edited mix than the album version will be.

Following up the release of the Shape of Despair/Before the Rain split 7″, Avantgarde Music will also release ‘False Light’ as an artists joint venture that will feature on Side B italian dark/doom pioneers MonumentuM, officially at their come back after a few years hiatus. MonumentuM’s contribution will be an interpretation of Pj Harvey’s dramatically beautiful ‘The River’ and will remain exclusive to this EP release, not to be included in their next coming album.

The 7″ will also be optionally offered in bundle with two exclusive (50 ex limited) T-shirts, one per each band and including a cd-listening copy too (mailorder orders only) for those who don’t own a turntable or the lazy owners"

Avantgarde Music

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  1. Wow, a split with Monumentum. I remember their album "In Absentia Christi" was a cult thing in Romania.