Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Eternity Suite by Duncan Patterson

Hello there. After many months of scoring strings, arranging piano melodies, and working in a completely different way than ever before, I am happy to announce that my first 'solo' album is ready to record.

I have decided to launch a Pledge Music campaign to raise funds for the studio, musician's fees, and so on. This way everything is done directly between myself and the listener, and the pledgers become an invaluable part of the process.

This album 'The Eternity Suite' is the first in a trilogy of orchestral/cinematic releases, documenting and spanning my discography. It is based around songs that I wrote from the 'Eternity' album that I recorded with Anathema back in 1996, and subsequent themes that fit musically and conceptually within the project. This is the first release that will contain the 'missing' Eternity parts plus some brand new material.

I invite you all to be a part of this project, and I have added some exclusive material for you in exchange for your support.

'Do you think we're forever?'

Duncan Patterson

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