Friday, October 28, 2011

Pre-ordering details for 'The Brink' ltd edition & 'Eternity' double vinyl

They reckon good news comes in threes, so hopefully my bets will come in on Saturday at 5pm. I just got news today that the new Alternative 4 album 'The Brink' is ready to pre-order on October 29th. And also the re-release double vinyl edition of Anathema - Eternity is available to pre-order now.

The Brink is initially available as a limited edition package:-

"Saturday, October 29th we will start taking pre-orders for ALTERNATIVE 4 'The brink' Limited Edition. The box includes the digipack cd, a photocards set, sticker and it is numbered to 100 copies only. Furthermore, as a pearl in a rare shell, the package will include a digital coupon valid to buy an Alternative 4 / MonumentuM split 7" ep with T-Shirt: in other words the coupon/code will grant you the priority to order the ep+tshirt bundle package (very limited offer, literally to a few tens) at reduced price before this bundle (if lasting) will be finally offered to public customers at standard price."

The Eternity re-release is available on either black or white vinyl. Limited to 500 copies of each:-

"Duncan Patterson, the band mastermind at the time, wanted Eternity to be Anathema's White Album. He wanted the cover artwork to pay homage to the Beatles classic, but Music for Nations considered the concept uncommercial. So the album cover ended up sporting an image of an angel lost in cheesy CGI space. The Svart vinyl reissue has the music spread over two albums for maximum fidelity - the original MFN vinyl had everything stuffed on one platter - and, for the first time ever, the artwork as Patterson originally wanted it to look. Available on white and black heavyweight vinyl. Also features new liner notes by Mr Patterson."

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