Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Immaculada - Progress

Just back from a recording session in Dublin with uilleann piper Steve Mullen and Lisa Cuthbert, who both did a great job on the songs. The first track 'The Silent Stars' is now complete, I just need to mix it. In the meantime Mark Kelson had been laying down vocal tracks in his home studio in Melbourne, Australia. And Gina Rios in Monterrey, Mexico. So a productive weekend for the album, with sessions in three continents. An unorthodox way to make a record, but thats fine by me.

Steve Mullen

I'm also pleased to be getting a new custom built mandolin from Freshwater Folk Instruments up in Inverness, Scotland. Which will be ready for the next tour.

In other news Ive had some acoustic dates confirmed with Mick Moss in November/December. More will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Nov 27 - Oslo, Norway (Buckleys)
Nov 28 - Trondheim, Norway (tba)
Dec 1 - Helsinki, Finland (Semifinal)
Dec 2 - Tampere, Finland (Vastavirta)
Dec 3 - Turku, Finland (Klubi)

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