Monday, June 15, 2009


Work has resumed on the 2nd Íon album, Immaculada, which is scheduled for an autumn release. All of the instrumentation is done now, apart from a couple of of snippets here and there. It's actually sounding like an album now and the artwork that I received last week is really fitting. The overall sound is even more organic than the first album, with a strong presence of the mandolin family in there along with some solid percussion playing, with flute and string sections carrying it all along nicely. Still a few more surprises to go down on tape, then I can start mixing the thing and get it ready for release.

The Silent Stars
Damhsa na gceithre ghaoth
Cetetea Cisnadioara
Return To Spirit

It will be released in Europe by Equilibrium Music



I'll have some Íon t-shirts printed by the end of next week, with the artwork from the Madre, Protegenos album. I'll post pics when I can convince someone to model them for me, plus the ordering info and that.

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